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Welcome to the Playhouse

Where we strive to improve lives through meaningful connection

Our Core Values

We choose our family.

We hope to become part of your family, and we invite you to become part of ours. 

Come as you are.

We appreciate each other for who we are so don't be afraid to be yourself. We always come from a place of compassion and understanding.

Small wins are a big deal.

Progress takes time. We are going to be your child's biggest champion and celebrate all of their victories, big or small.

Be the best me.

We want to support one another in becoming the best versions of ourselves, which means we are always open to direct, honest, and constructive feedback.

We'll go to bat for you, but we need you in the game.

We believe that empowering parents through education and training is the key to a child's success. We're here to move mountains for you - all we ask is for your commitment and trust.

Meet Our Specialists

Meet Our Admin Team

Contact Us

Phone: (424) 293-0010

Fax: (833) 230-7506

Address: 10780 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 260 

             Los Angeles, California 90025


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