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Welcome to the Playhouse

Improving lives through meaningful connection

Our core values



our family.

We hope to become part of your family, and we invite you to become part of ours.  


as you


We appreciate each other for who we are so don't be afraid to  be yourself. We always come from a place of compassion and understanding.

Small wins

are big


Progress takes time. We are going to be your child's biggest champion and celebrate all of her victories, big or small.

Be the



We want to support one another in becoming the best versions of ourselves, which means we are always open to

direct, honest, and constructive feedback.

We'll go to bat for you, but we need you in the game.

We believe that empowering parents through education and training is the key to a child's success. We're here to move mountains for you - all we ask is for your commitment and trust.

Meet Our Specialists


Motivate Every Child to Communicate: 

Floortime-Based Speech and Language Therapy:

American Speech Language Hearing

Association Convention

Thinking-Based Approach to Social Interaction: Organizing and Implementing Social Skills Groups from a Floortime Perspective:

American Speech Language Hearing

Association Convention

Treatment of Challenging

Neurological Disorders:

California Speech Language Hearing

Association Convention

Simple Steps to Social Skills Success:

FACTx Conference

1 in 100 Babies Born with Cytomegalovirus:

California Speech Language Hearing

Association Convention

The Autism Breakthrough:

San Joaquin County Office of Education

Increasing Engagement in

Children with Autism:

brIQht Ideas

Early Language Development

& Autism

University of California, Los Angeles

Treating Children with Complex Communication Needs

California State University, Fullerton

Floortime Strategies to Improve Attention & Engagement in Your Autistic Clients

American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention

Engaging Sensory Strategies for Autistic Students

Speech Retreat

Boosting Engagement & Communication in Your Autistic Students

AAC Special Communities Series, SPG Therapy


Four Simple Steps to

Social Skills Success:

The ASHA Leader

Read it

Focus on Fun:

Words Will Follow

The ASHA Leader

Read it

Help Kids with Autism Plan,

Not Just Execute

The ASHA Leader

Read it

Teletherapy, Autism, Motherhood, & Entrepreneurship

Power Mom Minute Podcast

Episode 12

Self Regulation and Speech Therapy

Special Education Inner Circle


Episode 114

How to Enhance Your Child's

Speech Development:


Read it

Replacing the Countdown for

Young Kids with Autism

ASHA Leader Live

Read it

Meet Jessie Ginsburg of

Pediatric Therapy Playhouse

Voyage LA

Read it

The Power of Intention and Taking Action

Stacking Your Team Podcast

Episode 107

Growing Her Private Practice,

Her Education Business,

& Her Impact

Private Practice Success Stories

Building Engagement for Students with Autism

Autism Outreach Podcast

Episode 4

How Sensory Processing Impacts Communication

Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Episode 45

Kick It Into Overdrive:

The ASHA Leader

Read it

Toddler Separation Anxiety and

Other 2-Year-Old Social Milestones

Read it

Alumni Spotlight:
Jessie Ginsburg

Chapman University

Read it

Let's Try Using Intrinsic Motivation

SLP Coffee Talk Podcast

Episode 28

Two SLPs Talk Autism and Positive Self-Concept

ASHA Voices Podcast

November 2020

How Sensory Integration Affects Behavior and Reactions

Inclusive Education Project

Episode 200

Intrinsic Motivation

SLPs Wine & Cheese


Episode 83

Contact Us

Phone: (424) 293-0010

Fax: (833) 230-7506

Address: 10780 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 260 

             Los Angeles, California 90025


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