"Jessie did not treat our son, she treated our family."

"The therapists have made our lives so much better and I'm sure they will do the same for many other lucky families."

"The therapists are truly knowledgeable, have the best interests for their clients and family, and hearts of gold."

"Jessie was able to tailor a feedback delivery system specific to our learning styles and capabilities. My husband and I feel empowered to use professional approaches in the home and in every day life."

"Trisha is an extremely talented therapist and we are so lucky to have been matched with her."

"The therapists are firm believers that therapy is not just a one hour per week session for the child, but it is an opportunity for the parents to also learn tools to help their children succeed."

"Jessie will always be part of our family. When Sean reads his first book, or asks to borrow the car, it will be because of her."

"Oddly enough, there are simply not enough words of praise and/or thanks for Jessie's commitment to our son."

"Jessie walked into our life when we needed her most and I know any parent who finds her will feel the same way."

"Trisha really went above and beyond on a consistent basis."

"Jessie is truly a miracle to our family."

"Samantha is a breath of fresh air and so good with children."