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Why Brown Bear is One of the Greatest Books for Toddlers

Why is Brown Bear one of the greatest books for toddlers?

Children love routines, and this book uses very repetitive language. Repetitive language allows your child to anticipate what is coming next.

Tips for Reading Brown Bear to Your Child:

1. Incorporate gestures such as making your hands into circles and using them as glasses when you say "see", putting your hands out to the sides when you ask "what", and pointing to your child

when you say "me".

2. Pause at the end of each sentence to let your child fill in the blanks. For example, "I see a red..." and give your child a chance to say "bird".

3. Make it fun by using silly sounds. Just because the animal sounds aren't written in the book, doesn't mean you can't add them in! After you finish each page, make the sound of the animal on that page while tickling your child-this will keep it fun for him!


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