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Floortime Therapy

The Floortime Approach, developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, is a developmental approach that focuses on strengthening the whole child. Through it children improve their ability to 1) regulate their nervous system; 2) attend to their environment, 3) relate to the world with a broad range of emotion, 4) communicate with gestures and spoken language, and 5) think logically—these are the steps in a child’s developmental ladder. Mastering these functional capacities in the developmental ladder enables children to socialize, and to think.


The Floortime approach harnesses children’s motivation to interact so that their thinking ability can build on the richness of human interaction and new experiences. With the help of parents and other caregivers and professionals, children can progress to higher levels of social and emotional awareness. The Floortime Approach has the ability to improve the core deficits of developmental challenges, such as relating and communicating, and can be applied to children of all ages and developmental abilities.  It never assumes that there is a limit to what children can achieve, and instead continues to challenge children to rise to their true developmental potential.

To read more about the Floortime Approach, or to purchase parent training courses, click here.

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