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Spread Love and Build Language This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Card Making

Get your children to use lots of descriptive words while making their Valentine’s cards this year. Have your child decorate her cards with heart stickers, candy hearts, and glitter. As she is designing her cards, ask her questions about what they are going to look like, so that she can describe them to you. After she makes two cards, have her tell you what is different about the cards… this gives her additional opportunities to use descriptive language to tell you about her decorations.

Baking Heart-Shaped Cookies

Work on following directions while baking Valentine’s cookies with your children.

For children 3 and under: Give 1-step directions, such as “Go get the big spoon.”

For children 3+: Give 2- or 3-step directions, such as “Put one egg in the bowl and then go get the big spoon.”

Increase the complexity of the directions by varying the prep

ositions, pronouns, verbs, nouns, and descriptive words in the directions.


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