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Supporting Gestalt Language Processors ft. SLP Alex Zachos

Let's talk about language development.

For years we've operated under the assumption that there is one way to develop language. But new research is showing there is actually another way to develop language. It's called Gestalt Language Development.

This week on Making the Shift we are excited to have Alex Zachos from Meaningful Speech join us to talk about gestalt language processing.

Alex is an SLP, a business owner, a wife, and a mom who is committed to learning and growing as a speech-language pathologist and sharing her knowledge and experience about gestalt language processing. She is the founder of Meaningful Speech LLC whose mission is to educate speech-language professionals, parents, and those working in related fields about gestalt language development and delayed echolalia.

We're so excited to sit down with Alex and talk about her gestalt language.

Check out Alex's courses for parents & professionals here:

Use code JESSIE for 20% off eligible courses.


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