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Taking a Trauma Informed Approach Ft. SLP Kim Neely

Let's talk about Trauma Informed Care. Trauma-informed care shifts the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

A trauma-informed approach to care acknowledges that health care organizations and care teams need to have a complete picture of a client/child's life situation — past and present — in order to provide effective health care services.

But what does that look like for SLPs? What type of providers do parents need to look for?

We sat down with The Trauma Informed SLP, Kim Neely, to learn more.

Kim is a practicing clinician with several years of experience working with clients (pre-K through geriatric) with known trauma exposure responses. Kim is currently a Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS) through Trauma Institute International. She has also completed trainings on trauma-informed organizational procedures, promoting motivation for traumatized clients, and mental health first aid through the Arizona Trauma Institute.


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