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Thanksgiving Must-Read: Stone Soup

Summary: In this book, a group of hungry travelers enter a town with nothing but an empty pot.

The villagers are unwilling to share any of their food. The travelers fill the pot with water and a

stone. The curious villagers ask what they are making and they tell the villagers they are making stone soup, but need a few more ingredients. Each of the villagers are willing to spare small amounts of their vegetables, and in the end the whole village shares the soup with the travelers.

Now It’s Your Turn: Making Your Own Stone Soup



Following Directions

Use the book as visual support for your child. Instead of following a recipe, flip through the pages of the book and add the ingredients to your soup in the same order as the book.

Use sequencing terms such as “first”, “then”, “last”, “next”, “before”, and “after”. For example, you can ask, “What do we do before we can add any ingredients?” (Put water in the pan and boil the water) or “What do put in first? What do we add next?”

Give your child directions while you are preparing the food and while you are cooking. Give 1-step, 2-step, or multiple-step directions depending on how much your child can understand. For example, “Go get three carrots and give them to me” or “Open the refrigerator and get the onion in the bottom drawer”.

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