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Social Skills Services

The Floortime Approach aims to help children move up the social-emotional developmental ladder by improving their ability to regulate their nervous system, attend to their environment, relate to the world with a broad range of emotion, communicate with gestures and spoken language, and think logically. Mastering these functional capacities in the developmental ladder enables children to socialize, and to think. Floortime therapy is most commonly used with children with autism spectrum disorders, attention disorders, and sensory processing disorders.

Social Skills and
Language Groups

Pediatric Therapy Playhouse offers language groups for children with language disorders who would benefit from engaging and communicating with peers in a social setting. In addition, we offer Floortime-based social skills groups for children who would benefit from the opportunity to participate in group activities while engaging with their peers in a play-based setting. Children are matched based on their age, areas of need, and strengths.




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