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Speech and Language Therapy

Who We Treat

Our Services

We treat children with a variety of diagnoses including,

but not limited to:

  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Autism 

  • Apraxia

  • Hearing loss

  • Language Disorders



  • Neurological Disorders

  • Late Talkers

  • Speech sound disorders

  • Stuttering

  • Traumatic Brain Injury


Pediatric Therapy Playhouse offers a variety of services. We continuously participate in training programs and are constantly expanding our knowledge base.    


Read more about our specific programs and approaches here.        

Hanen's It Takes
Two To Talk Program


For late-talkers ages 0-5


Pediatric Therapy Playhouse offers the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk Program, a parent training program for parents who have children ages birth to five who have difficulties with language development. This program empowers parents by teaching them practical strategies to improve their child's speech and language development during daily routines and play. We offer this program in both group settings (parent groups) and individual sessions (parent one-on-one with therapist).

For apraxia and speech sound disorders

PROMPT (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) is a tactile-kinesthetic therapy technique that can be used with any speech production disorder from the age on 6 months on, and is provided by a PROMPT-trained clinician. PROMPT therapy uses touch cues to guide the child through the target word or sentence.  

For drooling or decreased oral awareness, coordination,

strength or mobility


Oral motor therapy is the use of a variety of exercises aimed to improve a child's oral awareness, coordination, strength, and mobility of the oral muscles. This type of therapy is used to decrease drooling, and improve feeding and speech production. 

For difficulties with understanding or using language


Pediatric Therapy Playhouse provides therapy to improve all aspects of language, including grammar, vocabulary, and social use of language. In addition, we offer formal language assessments in order to evaluate where your child stands in terms of his or her language development. 

For children who have not yet started talking or are just beginning to talk - for both typically-developing children and children who are delayed

in their language


Our Baby Signs class is a one-time workshop in which parents learn how to begin teaching their infants and/or toddlers sign language. This class is beneficial for parents who have children with language delays as well as parents who have children who are typically developing!

For autism and sensory processing disorders


The Floortime Approach aims to help children move up the social-emotional developmental ladder by improving their ability to regulate their nervous system, attend to their environment, relate to the world with a broad range of emotion, communicate with gestures and spoken language, and think logically. Mastering these functional capacities in the developmental ladder enables children to socialize, and to think. Floortime therapy is most commonly used with children with autism spectrum disorders, attention disorders, and sensory processing disorders.

For autism or any other social skills need


Pediatric Therapy Playhouse offers language groups for children with language disorders who would benefit from engaging and communicating with peers in a social setting. In addition, we offer Floortime-based social skills groups for children who would benefit from the opportunity to participate in group activities while engaging with their peers in a play-based setting. Children are matched based on their age, areas of need, and strengths.

For speech sound disorders


Articulation therapy targets correcting specific speech sounds, and increasing a child's overall speech clarity. 

For children who are nonverbal or have limited oral communication skills


Children who have speech and/or language disorders may require therapy to introduce or improve the use of alternative means of communication, such as using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) or a device.

For children with autism ages 0-5

Pediatric Therapy Playhouse offers Hanen's More Than Words Program, a parent training program for parents who have children with autism or suspected of having autism ages birth to five. 

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